Assetto Corsa PS4/Xbox One Review

Assetto Corsa PS4/Xbox One Review

An amazing driving experience for consoles packaged inside a deeply flawed racing simulation.

Assetto Corsa: новый король симуляторов. Обзор от Игоря Асанова

Игорь Асанов рассказывает про игру, которая заставит вас купить дорогой руль и педали, но зато научит водить настоящий гоночный автомобиль. Хотите еще видео? Подписывайтесь на C-c-combo Breaker!

Assetto Corsa – Console – Review

In this video I cover the reasons why I class this game as a demo & the main reason why I’d buy it.

Initially I had different views about this game, but after revisiting the game it does have some worthy points to add to your game library. Smash Karts is the ultimate online racing game! Go to to play.

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Assetto Corsa Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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