Cote d’Azur Combat Rifle – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide

Cote d’Azur Combat Rifle – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Sniper Stealth Kills(GARM)(All Augs)(PC 1080p/60 FPS)

Here’s a new DX MD stealth kill video, this time in GARM! And with the Lancer Rifle. Enjoy!

Deus Ex Mankind Divided – Weapon Locations Guide

Vorstellung aller einzigartigen Waffen inklusive Fundort in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

0:28 Min – Granatwerfer – Prag Süden / GARM Anlage – Hangar 1
1:53 Min – Elektroschockpistole – Time Machine Buchgeschäft
2:31 Min – Betäubungsgewehr – Time Machine Buchgeschäft
3:23 Min – Otars Revolver – Prag Norden Kanalisation
5:06 Min – Standardgewehr Cote d’Azur – Tarvos Firmentresor
8:45 Min – Revolver – Utulek-Komplex Level 4
9:36 Min – Lance-Gewehr – Utulek-Komplex Rvac Zone / Dvali Apartment 95
11:16 Min – Devastator-Schrotflinte – Prag Norden Polizeirevier / APEX Center CSO Office

Deus Ex Mankind Divided MOD : The Côte D’Azur Combat Rifle is now powerful

Now the Côte d’Azur Combat Rifle is finally useful (This modification will be included in the upcoming Hardcore Revival MOD 1.01 for the game Deus Ex Mankind Divided).

Well, the Côte D’Azur Combat Rifle was quite weak, especially for a rare weapon and with only a few ammos available throughout the game, which made it quite useless. But with this mod, it is now a very powerful weapon and one of the best to use against any characters, including augmented ones and even against the Final Boss Viktor Marchenko. The only units who can’t be knocked out by this unit are the characters in exosuits and the robots but with the mod they now they get disabled for a longer time.


Cette modification du fusil Côte d’Azure sera incluse dans la version 1.01 du Mod Hardcore Revival pour le jeu Deus Ex Mankind Divided.
Les stats et la puissance du fusil Côte d’Azure ont été changées afin de rendre puissante cette arme rare, qui était plutôt inutile, surtout que ses munitions sont rares aussi. Avec ces modifications, c’est l’une des meilleures armes du jeu.


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Video made for entertainement purpose.

Music used : Burner by Gunnar Olsen (Free song from the Youtube Audio Library).

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