Palace Cellar – ArcheAge Guide

Palace Cellar – ArcheAge Guide

Palace Cellar has a minimum level requirement of 18. To mentor for this dungeon, you must be level 30+. To mentee for this dungeon, you much be level 18-29. A

ArcheAge – Palace Cellar dungeon run (Abolisher tank PoV)

Hey there.

In this video I show one of the first dungeons in the MMORPG ArcheAge, developed by XLGAMEs and brought to the western market by TrionWorlds. I’m currently playing the second closed beta test (CBT2).

Palace Cellar is the first dungeon we can do if we play in the eastern continent of Harania. It’s located in the City of Towers, in the Mahadevi region. It’s a dungeon meant for lvls 20 and onwards and the interesting thing about it is the fact that once you’re close to that lvl you’ll get a quest that tells you to look for a mentor (a lvl 30+ player) to help you doing this dungeon.

It’s a bit unusual but that’s how it is, anyway. The dungeon can also be done just by a normal group of people around your lvl, but if you choose to go with a mentor you can also complete a couple quests, which can be repeated daily, granting you some Gilda Stars.

In the video I run the Abolisher class, which is a tanky type of character using Battlerage, Defense and Auramancy as skill trees. I don’t use many tanking skills per se in this video, only have one taunt skill for instance, but since I out level the dungeon by a lot, it’s not needed to be full tank to clear it.

You can find a link to the build I was using here:

At the moment it’s lacking some DPS skills but well, being lvl 35 the character is yet to be complete and lacks lots of interesting stuff in the form of better skill combos and passives. Furthermore, better tanking skills like Lasso, for an additional ranged taunt, could be added to the build to make it a more complete tank.

ArcheAge Palace Cellar End Boss

ArcheAge Palac cellar Endboss.

ArcheAge Palace Cellar Guide

Archeage is here and AWESOME! Come check out the first dungeon it has to offer and never miss a beat with a simple guide to help you threw.